How to add more currency on Woocommerce

woocommerce from woothemes doesn’t support adding more language, for the payment method reasons.

To make it possible to add more currency we need modificate some files inside the woocommerce plugins directory on you running website.

Please prefer to your own currency, and symbol can be generated, woocommerce currency in wordpress come out with the hooks that available to changed, currency on woocommerce in wordpress are in hooks as described below:

	add_filter('woocommerce_currencies', array(&$this, 'add_currency'),10,1);
	add_filter('woocommerce_currency_symbol', array(&$this, 'add_currency_symbol'),10,2);

	function add_currency($currency){
		$currency['IDR'] =  __( 'Indonesia (Rp)', 'woothemes' );
		return $currency;

	function add_currency_symbol($currency_symbol, $currency){
		if($currency == 'IDR'){
			$currency_symbol = 'Rp';
		return $currency_symbol;

Just do the following code somewhere!

Sometimes MySQL records are too many to processed at once

Wonder if you had more over than 500.000 records at one table.

If you want to do some data integrity with other table, this cannot be loaded at once.

Well here’s my scenario.

I have 500.000 records
Not all the 500k of records are the right data (some of those are garbage)
I need to delete the garbage, the garbage is something there which don’t have relation with some tables.


Process cannot be loaded at once.


I create javascript (jQuery) calling ajax to PHP file.
PHP file call url on my website.
url return signal.
signal read and navigate the control.

Here by I provide you some sample code I called this oto

PS:run it on your localhost.